LOS CRUDOS: Discography: CD

Sep 09, 2009

Finally this fucking thing came out! I’ve heard rumors that people out there were going to do a bootleg version, so Martin and crew rushed this out. This is vital in the sense that it is a history piece from a band that affected many without trying. They crossed language and race lines while continuing in their formula of addressing their views using Spanish lyrics over hardcore. They were trying to reach only their local community of Chicago but others around the world took notice. The rage was genuine. People all around the world sang along with them even though it was not in their native tongues. I respect that and that is why I tried to get all I could by this band in the past. I wasn’t successful but I bought what I could get without paying some collector scum a high price for something that all should hear. Many already know about this, but others should look for this because they were a great band for their time period. They are now etched in the punk history books as a band that mattered. The CD includes four 7”‘s, the songs from the split with Spitboy, Canciones Para Liberar Nuestras Fronteras LP, comp tracks, alternative version of certain songs and a live studio session. Act fast because I think only 1000 - 2000 were only made. Now I have to go to the record store to get the Limp Wrist 7”.

 –don (Lengua Armada)