LORD SNOW: Solitude: LP

Jun 14, 2014

Screamo is a tag that invariably turns my stomach and it’s a genre that rarely does anything for me beyond raising my bile levels to the proportion of a volcanic eruption. However, although that description is often given to Chicago band Lord Snow, this trio stands firmly apart from—and head and shoulders above—all other bands I have heard under that banner. The main reason being that this is more a mixture of post-punk and noise than anything else. The vocals of Steph Maldonado, although screamed at times, offer so much more than what I hear from other bands where it seems faddish and generic. The musicianship across the eleven tracks is of the highest quality within what seems to be a controlled chaos being orchestrated by the band, one which shifts and changes almost without pattern or design, displaying quite a knack for song writing. This is an intense and exhilarating record. It needs no defining genre attached to it. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Adagio830)

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