LOPEZ, THE: Fur: 7” EP

Nov 13, 2013

Three songs of noise pop from a duo from Pittsburgh, PA featuring Stephenwolf on vocals/synth, and Jesse Lopez on guitar/vocals/programming. Lots of fuzz, energy, and noise that fills every corner of this single. Every bit is a thing of beauty. The songs are fun, full of hooks, and played with so much joy that it spills out of the speakers and puts a smile on my face. They kind of remind me of the B-52’s if they were less pop, added noise, and kept the female vocals instead of using the male vocals as the lead. (The Lopez mostly use Stephenwolf as the lead singer on this release with Jesse Lopez taking up background vocals to great effect.) A very cool single that I couldn’t stop playing.

 –Rick Ecker (Self-released, [email protected])