LOOSE LEAF #2: 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 14 pgs., $?

Nov 22, 2011

This zine is a gem. The writer describes it as “random occurrences and pointless observations” that go from pretty-damn-funny to piss-your-pants hilarious, especially the piece “In the Potty,” which led to guffaws on the bus that had everyone gawking at me. I re-read this same piece aloud to my friends (as best I could, laughing as hard as I was) who fell over laughing. Even as I write this, weeks after reading it, I’m reminded of the final line of “In the Potty” and I’m laughing. Fucking golden. –Craven Rock (Loose Leaf, PO Box 330824, Murfreesboro, TN37133)



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