LOOPOOL: Stop the Revolution: CD

Sep 08, 2006

When I was a tiny eighteen year-older, I managed to find a copy of Throbbing Gristle’s “2nd Annual Report” in a little record store in St. Augustine, Florida on the way to Disney World with the family (I also had a fellow Disney World patron greet me with a “Flex your head!”, but I'll save that one for another time). The night we got back to West Virginia, I put on the TG record as I was going to bed and ended up having to get up and take it off after the light was out, it creeped me out so thoroughly. This here Loopool would likely do the same thing if I weren’t now all growed into a giant thirty-eight year-old. Built mostly on a foundation of swelling and ebbing feedbacks or synth tones or something, and then decorated with various crackly or echoey or boomy samples (even the one that sounds like a table tennis match manages to be vaguely unsettling, in context, especially when it gets interrupted by the one that sounds like machine gun fire), these ten tracks are like concise nightmare soundtracks.

 –doug (Sycophanticide)