LONG KNIFE: Wilderness: LP

Jun 13, 2014

A homie of mine interviewed L.A. radio legend (and bassist for some of this city’s finest and notorious bands) Adam Bomb on his internet radio show. Nice to hear his voice over the (digital) airwaves again and, of course, it led to daydreams of what a modern reboot of his once-crucial Final Countdown show would sound like. My guess is if that show were to again exist, this would be in heavy rotation. You’ve got a bevy of mid-tempo hardcore here that fuggin’ drips with War All the Time-era Poison Idea, right down to the vocals, that sounds more like an extension of that idea than some cheap knockoff by a lesser band who have no business even attempting such an endeavor. No faint praise, that. Tight performance, great riffing, not too much metal in the geetars, and maybe even a hint of melody bubbling under there—high fives all ‘round, kids. Oh, and Mr. Bomb, if yer readin’ this, please get yourself back on the air and play the hell outta this. 

 –jimmy (Feral Ward)