Aug 06, 2009

If you like a more “YAY-UH!” version of Led Zeppelin, you’ll prefer the Long Dong Silver side. If you’re more about an “ah-EEEE-yaaaaa-AH!” (note: That was “The Immigrant Song”) version of Led Zep, you’ll like Filthy Jim. Me? Well, if this record was a breakfast cereal, it’d be a bowl of diarrhea with some of that new green Mountain Dew™ poured over the top. Taste the rainbow! BEST SONG: That kind of “Rock & Roll” one BEST SONG TITLE: Geez, that’s a four-way tie for first between “Junkie Cinderella” “Spank My Ass” “Tied to the Needle” and “Teenage Witch.” I am frozen in the presence of such circuit-frying brilliance! FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Somebody, somewhere, involved, knowingly or unknowingly, with this record, has the license plate 498-54L. Shun it.

 –norb (Scarey)

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