(LONE) WOLF & CUB: May You Only See Sky: CDEP

Jun 20, 2007

Metal can get too serious at times: either with the costumes some bands wear or just the content of the lyrics. Here is a band that the music sounds serious and is tough as nails, but they have a sense of humor. Titles like “I Swear I’ve Been to This AutoZone Before” and “If I Were a Snake I’d Be a Belt Now.” That is funny to me. By looking at the titles alone, I thought this band was going to be pop punk or something else that would be silly. But what came through the speakers was some heavy shit: heavy Black Sabbath riffage mixed together with some up-tempo poundage. There are also points that remind me of Iron Maiden with the dual guitar attack. Add those ingredients with some black metal and the description might be close. Now bang thy head.

 –don (HeWhoCorrupts)