LOGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN: Fina Nyanser I Nya Finanser: 7”EP

Jul 06, 2010

Huh. Weird. Totally Killed By Death, obscuro, tinny, rushed, snotty, “sounds like the early ‘80s” recording of what reasonably could have been a contemporary of Swedish punk/hardcore in line with Ebba Grön or Missbrukarna. But, with some poking around, it’s a dude from Flagstaff, Arizona collaborating with a Swede from Göteborg. They formed the songs by phone then made a recording. It almost seems like a hoax or a fun transnational project. You pick. It may be both. The title? It translates into “Subtle Shading in New Finances.” The band name? “Liar Entertainment.”

 –todd (Local Cross)