I heard Logan Greene acoustic long before I knew about Logan Greene Electric. The former is fine evidence of Logan’s thoughtful songwriting and talent, but I’m that sort of boorish philistine who wishes that ninety-nine percent of the solo acoustic guys in punk would just get a drummer and plug in already. Needless to say, my discovery of Logan Greene’s full-band incarnation was extremely gratifying. This latest batch of power pop punk songs recalls the best of poppy ‘90s emo without resorting to simple rehashing. They have their own thing going, but there’s no denying that “Cognitive Emissions,” with its unrelenting refrain of “Why can’t you feel this way about me?” would be at home over a bad-day montage in one of those millennial teen movies with inexplicably killer soundtracks (remember Jimmy Eat World in Never Been Kissed?). The next song, “Cognitive Remissions,” complements its companion with some Gin Blossoms jangle, something I could definitely stand making more of a comeback. There’s a change of pace in the brooding “New Life,” but Dead Formats is, for the most part, an expertly executed pop punk EP with just enough of the right references at the right times. Count me in for more like this. 

 –Indiana Laub (Diet Pop)