LOCUST, THE: Self-titled: little CDEP

Apr 02, 2009

This is a re-press of a Locust 7” from 1997. If you’re new to the Locust, imagine a Spanish Inquisition of sound, Cliff’s Notes version. They make me think of Anal Cunt, and then they make me wonder – after they’ve compressed so much, truncated, blown up, eviscerated, and plumped so much music into such a short, scream-heavy space – what’s next? Will they break the rubber band? Will it be Rick Wakeman territory? Prancing unicorns and mystical soundscapes made from the intestines of rainbows? Do they find a new sort of warp drive that makes fast seem slow? (Listen to the first wave of punk. Chuck Berry pretty much strafed the shit out of most of the “blistering” bands, but it made some nice PR.) This is solid, dividing stuff that helped build the Locust’s well-deserved reputation, both good and bad.

 –todd (GSL)