LOCUST, THE: Safety Second, Body Last: CDEP

Mar 20, 2007

There's that old joke: Which came first, Combat Wounded Veteran or the Locust? CWV's Duck Down for the Torso 12" sounded like the Locust if the Locust wanted to get in, get out, and quit fucking around. Anyway, you know what you're getting here—spastic, crazed, and intrinsically fucked up. It looks like there are seven songs on here lyrically, and four or six depending on how you decipher the back cover track listing, but the CD itself only lists two tracks. So maybe the Locust is, like, working in movements now. Which is possible: this sounds like an orchestra for a madhouse. Think Ruins or other John Zorn projects, or maybe a little Melt Banana, couple it with nearly nonsensical, occasionally biting lyrics and you've got Safety Second, Body Last. It's only ten minutes long but by the end of it I want to pull my own fingers off. So there's that, at least.

 –keith (Ipecac)

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