LOCOMOTIONS: Self-titled: CD

Feb 21, 2008

If you purchased ten or more records with a Born On Date of 2003 A.D. and the Locomotions LP was not among them, you are hereby charged with Contempt of Rock, and will remain in such a state until the oversight is corrected and the proper reparations are made. As some sort of a fucked-up reward for you not being on-the-ball enough to have figured things out the first time through, said album is now available on piracy-friendly CD format with two bonus tracks. I would repeat my review of last year’s vinyl at this point, but the only part i remember is the bit about DMZ locking their rabid redheaded stepchildren in the basement and them burning the house down instead of playing “Mighty Idy” – which is, realistically, all you need to know anyway. If you like punk rock and you like, say, The Pack, then if you like the garage punk thing you oughtta like the Locomotions. Surely you groove upon the whole furriners-bashing-shit-around aesthetic? ROCK AWAITS YOUR OVERDUE ACT OF CONTRITION! BEST SONG: Goddammit, i STILL say “Sigma Attack!” BEST SONG TITLE: i don’t even remember what i said last time. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The press release mistakenly refers to the song “She’s Got Her” as “She’s On Her.” Good one, Tom!

 –norb (Dead Beat)

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