LOCAL OAFS: Too Dumb To Reason, Too Fucked Up To Dream: LP

Feb 15, 2007

Awwwwwww its been so damn long that I got a record that blasts so fast and furious that you get a whoppin’ twenty-eight songs on one chunk of vinyl. This is fun punk, snappy, stabby guitars and drums, singing about what really matters with songs “I Really Don’t Know and I Really Don’t Care,” “I’m a P to the I Ending Up With the G” and “Nature Boy Strut,” about the professional wrestler Ric Flair. It’s not even sloppy, really, because you’d have to be shooting for high quality in order to slouch. No, this is raw for raw’s sake and the Oafs picked their name good. Band has two of The Manikins, probably pushing the stuff too fucked up for that band. A split release between P.Trash Records, Wasted Sounds, and Cage Match Federation. For the snot-nose in all of us.

 –mike (P. Trash)