LOCAL OAFS/ MUSIC/NINJA: Essen Sie Punk?: 7”

Jul 23, 2009

Local Oafs: Holy fuck, there’s nine songs on one side! They’re not trying to jam them all on there, either. It just all fits! The craziest part about it is that it’s really good, too. It sounds like everything is filtered through a tin can – super fuzzy and distorted. Somehow, though that just adds to it. The best thing of all is that they’ve got a guy name Shawn Michaels in the band. HBK – the Heartbreak Kid! Even if they don’t know who he is in the wrestling world, I think it’s pretty cool. Music/Ninja: They’re okay, nothing that grabbed though. The best of their three songs is “I Make Money.” Great packaging: all black and white comics. The insert has a whole set of strips all revolving around what happens when someone eats too much of the punk rock with the lyrics.

 –megan ()

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