I reviewed a single by these Frenchies for another rag a few years back and was immediately taken aback by how terrible their name is. I understand language barriers and shit, but using the book/cover strategy I would never buy this. That would be doing a huge disservice to one of the better records I’ve heard over the past few months. Spine-tingling, melodic punk in the vein of English bands like Southport, Blocko, or even earlier stuff like Visions Of Change and HDQ. If I were to pick a U.S. band, I’d say Reason To Believe, maybe? Octave guitar parts, amazing vocals, great recording and a really solid sound. Since getting this in the mail, it has been on constant repeat. I dunno how easy this French stuff is to get here, but I urge you at the very least to go to their bandcamp and have a listen. You won’t be disappointed. 

 –Tim Brooks (Chanmax)