Listen: I’m old as fuck and have a house full of records, so it takes a lot to get the hairs standing up on my neck. This is the third time I’ve reviewed this band, and dare I say this is even better than their last LP, which I absolutely loved. After the last review where I questioned their choice of band name, I got a lovely letter from the band explaining the name, which made sense, but doesn’t change the fact that the name is terrible! Who gives a fuck? The sounds within are wonderful. As with their previous records, this has shimmering guitars with a distinct Euro flavor like HDQ, Snuff, Instigators—and this time—a sprinkling of my favorite French band Les Thugs. Self-recorded, self-released this is a testament to punk spirit. Top ten material for sure. As I said last time, even if you can’t find a physical copy, go find them on the internet.

 –Tim Brooks (Gestalt, lobsterkilledme.bandcamp.com)