LOBLAWS, THE: Won’t Stop!: 7" EP

Dec 30, 2008

Mutant Pop Records is kind of like our national parks system: even when I don’t partake in what they have to offer I’m comforted by their existence. I’ve never seen Old Faithful but I want to know that I could. Similarly with Mutant Pop; I don’t dig every record Tim puts out but I want him to stay in business. The Lowlaws aren’t a fountain of brilliance but Won’t Stop is a pleasant spin. Like most of the Mutant Pop roster, the Lowlaws mix punk and pop, uptempo guitar buzz with power pop harmonies. The songs are good as they are but I can’t silence my inner producer. I’d love to hear these guys stack up some Beach Boys-caliber vocal arrangements and ditch the Marky Ramone guitar tone. They have the potential to be a brilliant pop band. Then they’d move from “neat looking postcard” to “you have to drive out of your way to see this!” status.

 –Mike Faloon (Mutant Pop)

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