LOADS, THE: Beach Banshee: 7"

Jul 09, 2009

Have to give them credit. Most of the band members are still in high school and are getting a head start in the right direction when their schoolmates are sucking whatever disposable nü-dong music the radio’s currently playing. They’ve got a lot of the trappings of prototypical OC punk – Crowd-style bright guitar, Tim McVeigh of Smogtown on drums, early Social Distortion scratchiness, and a love of the beach. It’s also mixed in with a more straight-up love of rock (mostly with the mid tempos). All that said, it’s okay. My jaw’s not dropping and I’m not rushing out the door to see them, but I’d stick around and see them play and, if they needed it, help them lift their bass cabinet up on stage.

 –todd (Pelado)