LOAD: Drunken Warrior Chief: LP

May 06, 2015

1991. My eleventh grade. The grooves of this full length collection are chock-full to the brim with Vision Street Wear, Armory shows, underage drinking, and circle pits. The metallic k.o. of Florida’s humidity coupled with bored rage. When you’re from Miami, the only way to go (geographically) is up, right? I remember Load toured, what seemed, quite heavily through the South, and while Florida does not actually count as a southern state, this LP carries a dank punk/crossover weight, coupled with southern cable TV-wrestling humor. The LP is a loving memorial to Load’s singer Bobby (who passed in 2012), culling tracks from EPs, compilations, and two unreleased songs on heavy black vinyl. Crucial release for memory lane and fantastic snapshot or starting point for the interested. 

 –Matt Seward (Rat Town, rattownrecords.com)