LOACH: Demo: Cassette

Close your eyes and imagine being crammed into a sweaty basement with a bunch of other punks. All around you is the faint smell of cigarettes and booze. A band takes the stage, and begins ripping through songs with maniacal fury. The crowd breaks—you find yourself being pushed across the room—and can’t help but join in the frenzy of moshing. Sound like a vivid image? Now open your eyes. You’re still in your living room, sitting on the couch. The experience I just described for you is the experience of listening to the new demo from Loach. Featuring a little over nine minutes of churning, raging hardcore punk, the demo has a very live-sound, making listening to it a visceral experience. It’s not so far removed from the band’s actual live show, but it’s a great stand-in for when you can’t rage with them in person. Featuring former and current members of Ripshit and Circle, Circle, Loach is a band definitely worth checking out.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Loach, [email protected])