Jan 19, 2012

LKN says “These songs are all (save but one) insta-sketches… So that’s the story of this record, all a bunch of insta-sketches, not worked out, worked over, or punched-in, etc. just the bare bones the seed of an idea, a page in artist’s sketchbook...” What a fucking pretentious asshole! Who fucking does that? Why would you admit such a thing? Is it because they think they shit gold or are they making excuses for putting out a crappy record? Never mind all that, you say. “What does it sound like?” It sounds like a music school snob wanking... fuck it! It sounds like a crappy record put out by someone who thinks they shit gold. But that’s only half the record, Knife The Symphony plays the other side and they play post rock. Or is post hardcore? Or math rock? It all blends together in my mind because I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, which is one of the towns that helped pioneer this sort of sound. It was into this type of stuff back then when it was fresh and I was more open to new things and wanted music that sounded unique and challenging. At this point in time, this kind of music isn’t unique or challenging; it’s boring and forgettable and I’m old and just want to rock! There’s an interesting time change for you.

 –Craven (Phratry)