Jul 26, 2013

Three 7”s released simultaneously-ish (I think there’s a fourth, but can’t find it) heralding Eric Davidson’s (of New Bomb Turks) return to wax. Apparently, the band has been around since late 2011 but I’ve only heard of them when these records dropped. Also featuring Jami Wolf (Zodiac Killers, Shop Fronts—a New York garage-punk band from the middle of the decade. Saw ‘em a few times and liked ‘em. Don’t know if they ever released anything. Now it makes sense why Zodiac Killers played their last show in New York!) Davidson’s vocals are strong as ever but the mix is pretty even so he doesn’t drown out the band. Fans of New Bomb Turks won’t be disappointed. “(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts” feels very ‘90s garage punk, in structure and song title. Much like the Turks’ recordings, these are good songs but the band is probably best experienced live. I hope to do that soon.

 –Sal Lucci (Oops Baby, / Slovenly / Twistworthy)