LIVIDS: Adrenalized Hearts: 7”

Jul 26, 2013

Yet another single in the blitzkrieg that The Livids have unleashed in the last several months. By my count, this is one of four singles this band has released since the beginning of the year. This is just absolutely smokin’, high energy garage punk featuring Eric of New Bomb Turks on vocals. Turks comparisons are inevitable given the vocal style, but that could never be considered a bad thing coming from me. The band also features Jami Wolf of Zodiac Killers and Glamour Pussies on guitar so all you Rip Off Records fans will wanna be all over this. This is just a goddamned great single. This band is maybe the best I have heard playing this style of punk in a decade. Here’s hoping there’s a plan to head out West sometime for some gigs.

 –frame (Oops Baby,