Herein lies most, if not all, of the songs LiveFastDie recorded. They raged the Brooklyn scene 2005 through 2009-ish, and play the occasional reunion show these days. I never bought any of their releases during their initial active period, and I really don’t have a good reason for that. I lived in New Jersey during the first half of their existence, a scant twenty miles away, and even had a band at the time, but our paths never crossed. I’ll chalk it up to my dislike of music in general at that time and my band’s insularity. Also, for another unknown reason, I occasionally thought LFD were a New Jersey hardcore band. Nowadays, I can’t even think of what band I was thinking of… gah! Listening to this record now punches me in the neck with regret. No matter how much I hated music in 2006, I would have loved LFD. Short, stupid, and shit-fi has been a sound I’ve been subscribing to since, like, 1995. Missing out on this band during their heyday will always stand as one of my poorer life decisions.

 –Sal Lucci (Almost Ready)