LIVEFASTDIE: Bandana Thrash Record: CD

Aug 01, 2006

Huh. Maybe I’m just remembering something that didn’t happen. About five years ago, plus or minus, there was this band called What Happens Next (named, I think, from the Ill Repute record). And they started, or were influential in the genesis of, and coining the term, “bandana thrash.” It was a genre, a reflux of the late ‘90s back to the source code of thrash, that bit of time where Corrosion Of Conformity and DRI seesawed between punk and metal and crossover was an interesting concept. Anyhow, Livefastdie have nothing to do with that. This isn’t “bandana thrash,” and so I’m just confused. They like the Devil Dogs, production-less Ramones, early GG Allin, and the Reatards, and it’s a totally fuzzed-out, in-the-red garage affair that’s pretty darn good. I just can’t put the title and the band name together with what I’m hearing. I suppose folks who’ve never experienced “bandana thrash” firsthand won’t have such hangups.

 –todd (Dead Beat)

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