Live Video of John Wesley Coleman from the Issue #69 Release Party: at Permanent Records, Eagle Rock By Candice

Aug 05, 2012

If you're like me and have some boring obligation like work on Saturdays while the rest of the world gets to enjoy fun activities, you were probably bummed that you had to miss our most recent issue release party.

John Wesley Coleman was admittedly nervous, but in fine form (and an excellent, summer-appropriate watermelon shirt) during the show, which has been broken into convenient song chunkettes for easy digestion. This is what you are missing, having a life and paying the bills while Razorcake hosts cool events. Quit yer job, and try to not miss the next one!

Donkey Song:

Have You Seen My Baby?:

Didn't I Tell Ya? (Golden Boys):

More live punk rock videos get added almost every single day on our youtube page! That shit's crazy.