Feb 15, 2007

The Live Girls sound like what one might hope the A-Lines might sound like if they played Big Black covers instead of Love covers, except they’re not playing Big Black covers, you understand, they merely sound nerdy and dangerous. Wait a god damn minute here! I was playing the record at the wrong speed. Okay, fixed it. They suck. On to the Nons. The Nons actually do have a female singer, as opposed to the Live Girls, who only sound like they’ve got a female singer when one plays the record at the wrong speed. Alas, the Nons are so hopeless that i can’t even muster up the strength to put the record back on the wrong speed and see if that helps. Pass, and how. BEST SONG: Live Girls, “New Quest For Action,” on 45 BEST SONG TITLE: NONS, “Operator’s Not Dangerous” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The way “NONS” is written, it looks kinda like “NEOS.” Yeah, you wish.

 –norb (Grotesque Modern)