LIVE FAST DIE / VCR: Split: 7”

Nov 21, 2006

Live Fast Die: Sometimes the layers of mud, snot, really off production, and fuzzy sweater pellets in the throat put masking tape all over the songs, and it’s difficult to figure out if all of those layers of masking tape are concealing fantastic bombs that could splatter my eardrums, or merely turds wrapped like a mummy. It’s hard to tell. (And I’ve heard and reviewed this band before.) Sorta sounds Ramones with Motörhead’s guitarist and then like the Spits. Don’t hold me to it, ‘cause it’s hard to hear. VCR: Had the Velvet Underground festered in underground obscurity in, say, Dayton, Ohio, instead of being liked in New York, and only rabid obscurists held their only 7” aloft like a chalice, my two cents is that they’d sound like VCR. The late ‘70s have folded into the mid ‘00s like a Mad Magazine back cover: the elements are the same, but when creased over the past three decades, it somehow sounds a little new and good-funny again. Nice. On a interweb note, if you type Dagger Man into a search, you get a website of a dude selling Nazi knives.

 –todd (Daggerman, no address provided:

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