LIVE FAST DIE: Got Nitedo: 7”

May 26, 2008

Botched brain surgery rock’n’roll from the scrambled frontal lobes of Live Fast Die. There’s one song each from the three previous calendar years, and the oldest, “Got Nitedo (2005),” stands out like a shining gold medal at the Special Olympics. It’s a lament about fucking up one’s arm playing Nintendo, and not knowing how to properly pronounce “Nintendo.” Visualize a mentally challenged person jacked up on cotton candy and knock-knock jokes, trying to figure out how to work an electric can opener and you’ll be properly mush minded enough to enjoy the song to its fullest extent. “Do I Look like a Bank (To You)” comes from 2007 and has the carpet-staples-raked-over-a-classroom-chalkboard guitar screech and nasally distorted vocals that got me all hot and bothered over Bandana Thrash Record. The flip is a meandering song inspired by a memorable bout of message board shit talking that took place a while back. It’s funny, but the joke is kind of lost if you weren’t around to read the exchange as it unfolded. Side A is well worth shelling out the dough.

–benke (Boom Chick)

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