Nov 02, 2015

This record starts out as really nice, mellow, kinda indie pop with a cool, chilling build up and then HOLYFUCKINGSHIT—screamo vocals. It’s like the best jump scare in your favorite horror movie. Then the protagonist gets away from the bad man and things are nice and—OH NO, HE’S BACK. Don’t go back in the house! It’s not safe yet! Both sides of the musical coin are well executed, but they’re also jarring as hell. A few songs on the EP are sans shouts, and I tend to gravitate to those more. Especially “Try Cubed,” with melodic male vocals working in concert with the female ones, complete with lines like: “If I could be born again / I’d say fuck reincarnation.” That song is a true jam. After a listen or two, I’ve had time to prepare for the screamo parts and it makes for a much better experience. The first track is lyrically concise, though it has a couplet that really grips me: “It’s calmly cracking and it flows right out / the outcome is out of my hands.” Those lines are delivered with such an engaging tempo that it’s hard not to zero in on the lyrics straight away. There’s a lot of incredibly pretty guitar work here and intriguing tempo changes. All four members take vocal duties at one point or another, creating a myriad of styles. Certainly never heard a mix quite like this and I wasn’t quite sure what to think. End of day verdict: Why the hell not? Embrace the weird and unconventional beauty that is Little Tents. 

 –Kayla Greet (Bomb Pop,

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