LITTLE SEIZURES, THE: Self-titled: 7” EP

Nov 20, 2012

Disclaimer: This is basically the new incarnation of The Shemps from New York City, who I’ve gone on tour with/filled in with; not to mention that ringleader Bill Florio is a close friend. (One of the songs on here almost ended up being used in our other band.) That said, musically it’s the same vintage garage/soul with some punk edges to it, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. (Figuratively speaking. Musically, they’re not fucking around.) The biggest change is in the new vocalist. While the voice of the Shemps was more of a hardcore-style yell, the new guy is a bit more snotty. It’s a good direction to go in. So, basically, if you’re into garage (and not just wearing the stupid vintage clothing), this is highly recommended.

 –joe (Go Ape,

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