LITTLE FYODOR: Peace Is Boring: CD

Mar 05, 2010

Little Fyodor muses about death, sickness, war, uncomfortable clothes, and sucky friends on Peace Is Boring. Little Fyodor’s eclectic choice of topics is as kooky as his live stage show, where he performs with “Lady Babushka.” Fyodor dresses in righteous psychedelic throwback suits and has a head full of untamable red, white-man fro hair while he relentlessly blasts through his crazy songs. I’m a fan of his style. Take the track on this album, “All My Clothes Are Uncomfortable.” It seems like nothing more than an annoying forty-eight-bar mantra, but one has to listen to the very end of the song to understand he was only repeating the song title over and over to make a metaphor for his friendships with the line, “All my friends are irresponsible. They’re either too loose or too tight.” Fyodor has been kicking his brand independent punk around Denver for a long time and—if you’re like me and like unabashedly crazy music—he won’t disappoint you.

 –N.L. Dewart (Public Eyesore)