LITTLE CUTS: Plastic Cuts: 7”

May 01, 2012

Three songs, three varying modes. “Plastic Disaster,” is a Bobby Darin ‘60s “he’s dreamy”-inspired throbber. “He Finally Must Eat His Own,” is a Billy Childish-style stompy, repeat-y, reverb-drenched rave-up. “RRHS,” is fully blown-out Teengenerate speaker slashing. It all makes complete sense since the captain of this three-song voyage is Dave Hernandez, helmsman of Scared Of Chaka and Broadcast Oblivion. If you, like me, celebrate the entire SoC catalog, this “finger dipped in several pies” approach to music comes as no surprise. SoC were a band of many modes, shades, and moods. Little Cuts is a welcome addition to Yanul’s longtime contribution to music. Definitely worth the listen.

 –todd (Dirtnap,

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