Jul 06, 2007

Yes, i’d like a Mega-Whiny™ value meal, a side order of fried Whinies™, a large Diet Whiny™ to drink, and one Hot Apple Whiny™ for dessert. And it better be whiny™, you... you MAN, you! (munch, smack) Oh yeah! That’s gooooood whiny™. BEST SONG: I like “You and Me” because it sounds the most like Bobby Sherman. BEST SONG TITLE: “The Way You Listen” is not necessarily a good song title, but it is a good concept. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The outer packaging depicts two ownerless ping pong paddles in a presumably pitched ping pong match, but the diameter of the two holes punched in the UPC code is exactly that of the ping pong ball in use—which, taking into account the white disc tray showing thru the holes, makes it appear as though there are three different ping pong balls in the field of play! Surely this match cannot be sanctioned by any reputable governing body!

 –norb (Mt. Fuji)