LITTLE BARE BIG BEAR: Little Man b/w Dr. Morgan: 7"

Jul 17, 2009

URGENT MESSAGE TO AMERICA: Well, two things, really. #1: Liam Watson is THEE man, and #2) Cease and desist all further attempts to produce this mercurial quantity known as "psychedelia." Your collective attempts at same over the course of the last thirty-five years have been little other than an national embarrassment and a placebo for the dim-witted and unshaven. Give the limeys their due: They INVENTED psychedelia (Alice In Wonderland, man. I rest my case), and, at this particular table, he who holds the Lewis Carroll card always has the high hand (plus they drink tea in the afternoon, superfluously insert the letter "u" into words like "labor" and "color" and wear ridiculous pence-nez spectacles at all hours of the day and night. If that's not psychedelic street cred in its purest form, i don't know what is) (and don't even start with the "but what about the weird gurgly noises on the Thirteenth Floor Elevators records?" bit, i don't even wanna hear it). I mean, NO AMERICAN can get away with singing lines like "fifteen tons of yellow orchids dancing on my bed" (nor should they), yet the Brits can pull it off, devoid of (almost) all irony, and have it ROCK magnificently, and never once incite the listener into wishing ass-kickings upon the artiste and his family. All told, i prefer "Dr. Morgan's Panacea" – sounding not unlike a lost "I Can Hear the Grass Grow"/"Cherry Blossom Clinic" era Move hit crash-landing into "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" by the Yardbirds (given the restriction that the Move can't default into three-part harmonies whenever they get confused) – to "Little Man" – which sports the purest sonic simulation of "Journey to the Center of Your Mind"-era Nuge guitar as science will allow – but, on the whole, this record short-sheeted my brain and has surely warped my DNA to the point where, should i sire offspring some day, i'd be legitimately concerned about them being born with playing cards as bodies. BEST SONG: "Dr. Morgan's Panacea" BEST SONG TITLE: "Dr. Morgan's Panacea" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Big Bear was my favorite member of the Forever People™, one of Jack Kirby's first projects after returning to DC™Comics in 1971. "Kirby says 'DON'T ASK! JUST BUY IT!'"

 –norb (Butterfly)