LISTEN LADY: Self titled: 7”

This band harkens me back to every reason I got into local music in the first place. Part of that is because they wear their influences on their sleeves, part because they’re not afraid to try things differently than those influences, and absolutely because they’re completely aware of where they’re going. Listen Lady is a female-fronted four piece from Seattle that makes me want to make daisy chains in the park on the sunniest day of the year and then ride bikes while talking about love with close friends. Saccharine pop sensibilities bleed through like a broken heart and cymbals shatter the pieces and crash them about the room, while the bass and drums pump new life into melancholia. “Little Mouse” opens up with a riff that reminds me of the theme song to Kids in the Hall. Lyrically, it’s about feeling small and insignificant around someone you care about while they’re as large as a lion. My favorite lines from it are: “If my heart had a food chain you would be on top / And if I had my way I’d never be safe from you / But hiding in these walls is all I ever seem to do.” Guitarist L supplies backup vocals on that track with Siobhan, and the melodic tones they create are like candy. Not every track is pleasant though. “Hey Listen” is a fed up, angst-filled jam about getting creeped on by unrelenting dudes with shitty intentions. It ends with the lyrics, “Why do you think you can talk to me like that?” on repeat. If you’re into Lemuria, Braid, and The Pixies, make some room for this band in your collection. 

 –Kayla Greet (Cat Dead Details Later, / Off The Books,