LISAFER: Version 10.0: CDEP

Aug 06, 2009

More pissed-off, snot-flinging punk rock fun from L.A.’s favorite female power trio. And when I say pissed off, it don’t mean in the least that there’s not a whimsical element laying underneath it all, you jaded fuck. Lookie here at the lyrics from “Patty Loved Lucy”: “Linus hung himself/Schroeder broke his keys/Sally slit her wrists/And Woodstock fell from the tree/When they found out Patty loved Lucy… Snoopy went to the pound/A train ran over Marcy/Pig Pen drank some gas/And they locked up Charlie Brown/When they found out…” Because of this pneumatic rib-tickler, you’d think Charles Schultz is probably spinning in his grave, but his dusty corpse should be spinning for better reasons, like how Knott$ Berry Farm is rolling in a huge pile of money with all that Peanuts merch they sell. Whatever, Chuck… just lighten the fuck up and get your rock on, Lisafer style. This goes for all of you amongst the living, too.

 –dale (

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