Jul 10, 2009

Lipstick Pickups: Dual female vocals. One's really good. The other one's a screech – like a squirrel in a wood chipper. Imagine if super early Go-Go's were Japanese, huffed glue, and sounded like they were trying to get a command of the English language, but were really from Anaheim. Or if you beat up Shonen Knife really bad and stuck microphones in the wounds. They pull off a sort of inspired simplicity that's actually harder than it looks because the Lipstick Pickups don't fail to rock through all three tracks. Bikini Bumps: ever listen to band that you're thiiiiis close to really liking, but it sounds like their music's driving around with the parking brake on? The better track of the two, "Bikini Bumps + Talent = Violence" has a cool, meandering guitar over nicely gritted up vocals, and a steady beat. It's really close, but I say either step on the gas or twist the swagger knob a bit further to the right. Look forward to hearing more from both bands.

–todd (Geykido Comet)