Jun 13, 2014

When some dude in a Descendents shirt next tells me “women just can’t play punk right,” I’m going to make him listen to this. Initially, I wondered if this was an Asian Man release, because they’d be right at home on a bill with The Queers or Dog Party. Blasting out of Iowa City, this is shiny, rhymetastic pop punk propelled like a machine ever forward, but with a subtle bratty bite. On-point vocal harmonies that are almost too pro for a DIY band. Soaked with energy. Starting with “Vampire Club Pt II,” the sugar sheen falls away and raw emotion punches through for great fuck-you moments. “I hope you have fun at your day job,” they sneer on “So Happy for You.” These are down-to-earth lyrics about real girl life and not feeling good enough. Definitely influenced by Dookie-era Green Day, and possibly the Soviettes or Bangs. Out Utero turns anti-future grunge symbols on their head and says, “Damn it, we’re going to be happy.” Shit just got real.

 –Claire Palermo (Bloated Kat)