LIPREADER: Broken Heart Attack: 7”

Jul 18, 2011

Punk has long been linked with depression. It’s music about alienation, poverty, and conflict. Yet, punk music tends to be fast, engaged, and loud. How many depressed people do you know who are constantly jumping up and down, shouting? Not many. Most of them are glued to the couch, sighing, and changing channels on TV. Lipreader, straight out of the smokiest loft on the West Side of Chicago, are a punk band whose sound fits with the true definition of depression. The tempos are a little lethargic, the vocals passionless and off-key, two song titles reference beds, and loneliness is a recurring lyrical theme. The songs have their catchy moments, but for the most part, they get bogged down in gray monotony. What is the punk equivalent of Paxil? Someone should slip a couple into these guys’ beers.

 –CT Terry (Lucky Gator)

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