LION OF JUDAH: Universal Peace: CD

Feb 08, 2007

My PK sixth sense went into overdrive when I picked up this disc to put in the CD player, and I couldn’t even read the band name on the front cover. Lion of Judah…definitely some sort of biblical reference, probably having to do with the lord acting like a lion and tearing the shit outta some civilization or other. Old Testament hoo-ha, for sure. LOJ should get together with Lamb of God and start a tour, “The Pious Damn You To Hell.” Ah, but these young would-be crusaders likely know that the lord also sayeth, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” which translates, loosely, in modern speak to, “This sounds a lot like a cross between Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Brains as filtered through the Bridge 9 label.” The lyrics are cribbed from Propagandhi, sans all the cussing, and address the evils of war, manifest destiny, greed, big government, and there’s even a song that tackles personal insecurities. Their hearts and minds are in the right places. Produced by Don Zientara and mastered by a guy named Alan Douches…HEE-HAW!

 –benke (Youngblood)