Link To Riverboat Gamblers' Interview: Todd Taylor By Way Of

Mar 20, 2007

The interview can by found at:

Here's an alternate introduction for all the readers:

            It would be awesome if the sweat from The Riverboat Gamblers wrung-out T shirts could cure cancer. Because we’d all be saved.

            It’s true, however, that the sweat and toil the Gamblers have put in—road dogs, shitworking at home, a van that seems intent on their destruction, exploding drummer syndrome, a spider monkey and fireworks live show—can cure the boredom, allay the blues. All of their records find me thinking, “Yeah, the world sucks powerful bad, but at least the soundtrack to our deaths sounds great.” Sometimes, you just gotta find those thirty-minute oases. Plop on a Gamblers record, crank it up, and there’s a little bit of salvation there: non-ass rock’n’roll that’s secretly smart, tender, and vulnerable yet all roar, kiss-your-girlfriend-then-high-five-the-boyfriend high kicks up front.

            Here’s the secret decoder ring to the world of these Texans: Silly Putty transfer the inky goodness of a classic rock’n’ roll band, like AC/DC, and hard press that into the kickass catchiness of a DIY grassroots punk band like the Bananas. Or the Saints transposed on The Future Virgins. Or Rocket From the Crypt and the Potential Johns. Don’t forget to add a couple of lightning bolts (And if these references have you scratching your belly button, it’ll do your “I’ve heard it all before. There’s no good bands” self to check them out.)

            Here’s an interview with frontman, Mike Wiebe, a man who’s mastered turning that interior roar inside out to a megaphone.