LINE TRAPS: Self-titled: LP

A mixed-gender garage punk band that can cram a dozen or so songs onto a one-sided LP can’t help but make me think of the Okmoniks, but this is much less party-oriented scuzz than that. By about the time “Static Shock” rolled in, I figured out that the no-frills garagey squall evoked the heady taste of Rip Off Records circa the Cryin’ Out Louds and Motards 45s, so then I got stoned and listened to it about three times in a row, just to see if I missed anything. Results inconclusive. Short, good songs, firing off one after the other to minimize downtime. That must have been one hell of a Kaizen event! I applaud their ruthless efficiency. BEST SONG: “Static Shock” BEST SONG TITLE: “In Print” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Concludes with an Angry Samoans cover but i’m not saying which song. 

 –norb (Screen Test)