LIMINANAS, THE: Crystal Anis: CD

The Good: This French duo mete out some tasty, ‘60s-tinged tuneage, sorta like the Nico-era Velvet Underground penning the soundtrack to some sorta slinky In Like Flynn-esque spy flick with lots of psychedelic colored orbs and rack zooms up the wazoo. The Bad: The bulk of the tunes are based on finding a groove and riding it all the way into shore, which works like gangbusters when you’re talking about funk, but too often here ends up with a given song sounding like merely a rough sketch of an idea rather than a realized whole. There are also some instances where similar ideas pop up again two or three tunes down the track list, resulting in, “Wait, wasn’t that just one a second ago?” moments. The Good (Slight Return): Many of its shortcomings are saved by the fact that the ideas are, in fact, good ideas, so while it may come off as unfinished in spots, it’s at no point unlistenable.

 –jimmy (HoZac,