Sep 09, 2009

Okay, see, this one has a lyric sheet, so now I know what they’re singing about, and... I still think they blow a good portion of so-called punk bands outta the water. There’s more than a few songs here with lyrics that’re gonna piss off more than a few people (cf. “Get the Bitch to Do It”), but fuck ‘em. This here is some prime punk rock, kiddies. The real shit, mind you, and not that crap that’s been all prettied up and made palatable for the masses of spiky-headed numbnuts whose sole interest in punk rock is “the girls.” This is loud and ugly and rude and crude and flat out killer. You wanna separate the men from the boys, the punks from the poseurs? Slap this puppy on the player and see who’s left in the room when it ends.

 –jimmy (Steel Cage)

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