LIKE FIGHTING THE OCEAN: $4, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 80 pgs.

Feb 02, 2015

In the words of Paul Renn: “This zine is about punk rock and skateboarding, that’s it. They are inseparably linked in my mind...” Renn’s compulsion to keep skating and being punk into his thirties is a testament to the power of DIY culture as an alternative to banal mainstream society. Hey, as Renn states, “Age is no excuse to suck at life.” Although his sentiments are enough to win me over, the zine also features accounts of other thirtysomething skaters, interviews with Max from Scholastic Deth, one of my favorite bands, and Brian from Night Birds, and Renn’s tour journal with Reservoir. Although Max is no longer an active musician, he’s a history professor who encourages subversive ideas in the classroom. Although Brian is a father, he continues to tour and perform live with Night Birds. Ultimately, the skater anecdotes and interviews echo a similar theme: If you love something, don’t give it up because society says you should have grown out of it.Like Fighting the Ocean is an outstanding reminder to ignore the naysayers and keep at what makes you happy. –Sean Arenas (Paul Renn, 1919 San Pablo Ave. Apt. #108 Oakland, CA 94612, [email protected])