Lifter Puller vs. The End of: Compiled By Jessica Hopper, 90 pgs., with download card By Nick Toerner

Every couple of seasons, I go through a spell where I end up listening to nothing but Lifter Puller for almost a week straight. It was during one of these when I decided to splurge on this retrospective about the underappreciated-during-their-time Minneapolitan indie rock punk band. I was hoping for any inside insights I could get about the narrative-style lyrics and the people who wrote and performed them. This is what I got, but I am certainly left wishing for more. The book is split up like this: One-third of the ninety or so pages are pictures, one-third are lyrics, and the other third are quotes from friends, roadies, engineers, and label dudes about the band, arranged sequentially throughout their five releases. The arrangement is great, the glossy pictures shine, and the snippets of narrative do start to form some sort of cloudy story as you read through. It also comes with a download card for every song the band ever recorded, which makes the thirty-five dollar price a lot easier to swallow, and makes the book much more practical for casual fans. Certainly, this retrospective is a very nice companion piece for a band that didn’t get the recognition they deserved until years after their breakup, and it would fit nicely on any fan’s shelf. I think my problem is just that I was hoping for more of a proper biography. This is not. –Nick Toerner (Blue Collar Distro,