LIFETIME: Somewhere in the Swamps of New Jersey: 2 x CD

Nov 21, 2006

I lie to myself about Lifetime. I think I adore them, or that I treasure them. But, in reality, I like them. Granted, they’ve got songs that are amazing, but I’m starting to think of them as that: a band with some great songs rather than a great band. Maybe it’s because they’ll never do it for me the way Kid Dynamite does, and I don’t have the ability to separate the two in my mind. Here, Jade Tree’s collected two discs-worth of material that has mostly already been released. The exceptions are unreleased versions of songs that have already been released. Forty-five tracks in all, but only twenty-six songs—lots of repetition. And, sadly, the strongest track on this is not an original but the unreleased remix of their cover of Billy Bragg’s “New England.” That song actually does make it worth it for me (but I doubt I’d buy it for the one track alone).

 –megan (Jade Tree)