LIFE IS POSERS #1-2: $5 each, 5½” x 8½”, 58 pgs.

Jul 03, 2014

Pretty good for a shitty comic.The art is kind of bland and repetitive, but the writing is solid enough to carry it through. We follow the lives of a bunch of punks as they throw a party at a friend’s house. There are plenty of characters to sympathize with, depending on your relationship with the punk scene. If you’re that nerd that’s almost like a punk (kind of like me), then you’d probably relate to Howie the House Punk, whose house gets utterly destroyed. If you remember those times in your teenage years where you just wanted to be accepted by the older punks, Twister and Nutsack represent that part of the coming-of-age punk saga. If you’re a drug-using asshole who likes to dress like street trash, then the rest of the cast might be relatable. There are a few problematic parts of the strip—such as every female character being a Sara(h) of some type, or the art literally being a cut and paste job on some panels. As actual comics, Life Is Posers clearly doesn’t take the format too seriously. Every page is four panels of equal size with camera shots sticking to the same three or four angles throughout every strip. All in all, a good read. Grade: B. –Bryan Static (